Bags with 20 Kgs or 44lbs.
Large 45/50 Brazul Nuts p/lb
Medium 57/62 Brazul Nuts p/lb
Small 60/70 Brazul Nuts p/lb
Brazil Nuts Shelled
Bags with 20 Kgs or 44lbs
Vacuun Bags
Large 90/110 Brazul Nuts p/lb
Medium 110/130 Brazul Nuts p/lb
Small 130/180 Brazul Nuts p/lb

The product will be packed into corrugated cardboard cartons. Markings on the outer cartons will include product description and batch number and date of receipt at Ambassador Foods. Inner packaging will consist of a foiled sealed bag.

Shelf life/ Storage:
Shelf life of 12 months is recommended on this products, store in a dry cool place not in direct sunlight.


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