Dark red color, juicy, sweet
Starting May 15 upto July
22-24mm, 24-26mm, 26-28mm, +28mm  

Product : Fresh Cherry – Dark red color, juicy, sweet. Sort – Volovoy Serdsa, Revershon. (Similar to Napoleon)
Season : Starting May 15 upto July
Calibration :22-24mm, 24-26mm, 26-28mm, +28mm

1- 5 kg Carton package, Bulk Cherry packed in MAP bags.
2- 500gr Punnet, 10 packages per box. 5kg net per box. Supermarket friendly
3- 7 kg Plastic package. Bulk Cherry packed in MAP bags. Fit for Russian and Former CIS Countries Markets.

1- 88 boxes per pallet, 440 kg net. (Bulk Box)
2- 64 boxes per pallet, 320 kg net. (Punnets)
3- Shipped by trucks, minimum of 18.000kg per truck shipment. Fit for delivery to destinations up to 10 days of trucking distance
The Fresh Cherry is Hydro-cooled and cold-chain is maintained throughout the process until


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